Calm House Mission

We are a private property development and design company creating beautiful places to live and work. Our approach is rooted in sustainability practices, communication, and respect for the well being of tenants and community.

Your New Home Awaits

Let us help you settle in

Are you looking for a home where your family can thrive? Emerald Management Group Inc. is a private property development and design company in Pennington, NJ. Our goal is to create beautiful places to live and work. We've purchased, renovated and rented out over fifty residential and commercial properties over the years.

Call 609-818-0548 now if you're interested in one of our properties.

Why should you choose our management group?

When you want a new place to call home, don't look any further than our properties. Renters prefer our homes because:

  • We draw on our background in environmental science to create efficient spaces
  • We rely on our passion for art and design when updating spaces
  • We understand the local real estate market
Our owners live in the community they serve, so they truly care about the well-being of tenants. Whether you want to redesign your commercial space or rent a new home for your family, we'll be here for you. Contact us now about renting a home or commercial space.

Our "calm house" approach

Choosing to rent has many benefits, but you can only take advantage of them by working with a management company that runs things smoothly. Our "calm house" approach is exactly that. Based on sustainability practices, communication and respect for the well-being of both tenants and our community, this approach allows for stress-free living. You'll be able to text maintenance requests, make payments online and live without worry.

Speak to one of our team members today for more information about our "calm house" approach.